We turn people data into actionable insights

Companies nowadays live in assumption land. They are heavily data-driven in business, but they rely on intuition in the people aspect.

That's where Behavera comes in. Our platform turns people data into actionable insights that empower leaders and help employees succeed.
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20+ companies use Behavera

Your employees will fall in love with Behavera

We've created assessments that your people will find fun. Forget boring surveys, let them play our simulation games and talk to a chatbot. A task that doesn't feel like work, teaches them something in a light-hearted way, and gives them some food for thought. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself.

How Behavera helps other companies

Read stories of companies that have already used our assessments to improve recruitment, employee development and well-being solutions.

Culture Fit by Behavera helped us evaluate and transform our company culture—measurably. That I call a priceless result!

Nina Juríková
HR partner, Poštová banka / 365.bank

The Behavera Well-being Index is more honest than other tools. It made us think deeply about how we really feel.

Eva Kianičková
Head of Customer Care in CEE, Websupport

Behavera's online assessments were fun and stress-free, unlike the assessment centers. Our team appreciated their innovative format.

Radoslav Volný
Head of Online Transformation, O2 Slovakia
20+ people-first companies are already using Behavera

We understand the different needs of each people role

Team Leader

Behavera shows you how your team performs, how to improve the well-being of its members, who has what hidden talents, and what the communication and work preferences of individuals are.

HR Professional

Behavera tells you which team is in a bad mood, why, and what can be done about it. We'll show you where you need to change your management style and where the most untapped potential is.

CEO & C-level

Behavear shows you what's preventing you from achieving your goals, where your budget is leaking, and what areas need your attention.


We will help you find out where you have the most potential and where you have room to develop. The results will enable you to find common ground with your manager.
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