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Why people don't get along


Allegedly, there was passive hostility between the manager and one member of the team. The manager constantly negatively evaluated the performance of an employee who was respected by his colleagues and regarded as a leading expert.


We had the manager and employees do a Culture Fit to find out their work-culture preferences and what motivates them. Comparing their results, we found that the manager was heavily focused on KPIs, numbers and goals. On the other hand, the employee was focused on team relationships. We found another mismatch in the approach to new challenges, with the manager being open, dynamic, risk-taking and the team member critical, passive and protective.


We helped the manager to see the value of relationship-oriented people who are able to prevent conflict in the team and keep the team in good spirits. The manager eventually acknowledged that this did not need to be part of the performance review. Sometimes there are easy solutions to seemingly complicated problems.

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