In which work-culture environment do you thrive best?

Does your manager know? Assessment as a chatbot that evaluates the needs and preferences of candidates and employees for the work environment.
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73% of people leave their jobs because of a mismatch between the company culture and their personal values. The percentage is even higher among younger generations.

Incorrect motivation

Do you know what really motivates employees to perform better? You may be unknowingly creating an environment where they don't get what they need.

Inappropriate rewards

Are employees satisfied with their pay? Adequate remuneration is not a question of money for everyone, but companies often do not consider other options.

Mismatched expectations

Does your management push for performance, but you have more relationship-oriented individuals on your team? One of the seven common problems in companies is misalignment of preferences.
STEP 1: Measure

Let your people talk to the chatbot

Forget boring questionnaires! Our chatbot makes surveys fast and fun. Just send an email invitation and within four minutes employees or candidates are done.

And you can just watch the data and recommendations add up in the report. Your people won't have to type out their answers, they just click on the option they prefer.
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STEP 2: Interpretation

Find out their preferences

Is the candidate a good fit for your company? In which environment will the employee perform better?

We explore the 7 dimensions that most often affect productivity and the results will help you create a supportive environment.

There is no right or wrong answer, every person is cut from a different cloth and every preference has its light and dark side. It always comes down to the type of company and whether it is the right environment for a person's work personality. Whether you are assessing the suitability of the candidate or the needs of your people.
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STEP 3: Recommendations

Improve their work environment

Don't guess, bet on certainty. Trying to create an ideal environment for everyone is a thankless job. Especially when you're guided by assumptions instead of data.

With data, you can create individual career plans, put people on teams or give them independence, or offer them a workplace where they will flourish. Personalized working conditions can become a great competitive advantage and a magnet for the best people.
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Give your boss a guide to your satisfaction

Become my favorite manager!

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What effect does the environment have on performance?

The diagnostic doesn't measure personality, it measures preferences. We can compare the preferences of teams and their leaders to predict how they will work together. Some people work better with leadership support, others need their peace of mind. Some prefer routine, for others the only certainty is change. Combined with our Echo chatbot, we can match work preferences with well-being to find the answer to what's stressing your people out and why. With practical recommendations, you'll be able to solve problems before they spin out of control.
4 minutes
7 dimensions

What to expect from Culture Fit?

Our chatbot explores people's preferences for work environments. It doesn't judge or label, because there is no right or wrong answer. Based on a candidate or employee's preferences, you can tell early on if they're a good fit or at the risk of quitting early.

The chat takes just 4 minutes and users don't have to install anything.
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Who will benefit most from Culture Fit

Team Manager

Find out how to get the most out of your people. With the results from Culture Fit, you'll know what environment and conditions to create for your people to be happy.

HR Professional

Need to see if a candidate will fit in? Discover the work-culture preferences of everyone in the company and compare the results with the job candidates.

CEO & C-level

What factors threaten people's productivity? Why are you failing to meet targets? Find out what changes to implement in your company to create an optimal environment for peak performance.


The current environment and conditions don't suit you, but you don't know how to ask for a change? Culture Fit's results will say it for you. Just discuss the details with your boss.

Want to find out what you need to perform better at work?

Test your work-culture preferences with the Culture Fit chatbot.