What blocks your people from being productive?

Do you really know? Or do you just think you do?

The Behavera Well-being Index can help you identify why your employees are disengaged, unproductive, who is at risk for burnout, or likely to leave soon.
No credit card needed.
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The time is now

49% of employees may be at risk of burnout

Are your people often sick, making mistakes, and looking tired?

Disengaged people are 43% more likely to leave

Why do people leave? Do you know, or do you just have a hunch?

Disengaged teams are 20% less productive

Do your people lack motivation? Are they not getting involved in the company?

Up to 2x annual salary is the cost of replacing employee

Do you know what is the cost of replacing your existing employee?
STEP 1: Measure

Are your people actually engaged?

Or are they quietly thinking about leaving?

Do a quick well-being survey with your team. Within 15 minutes, employees answer 36 questions that explore their satisfaction in a variety of areas. We can detect dissatisfaction even in areas that companies forget to ask about.
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STEP 2: Interpretation

Detect dissatisfaction and burnout early on

Forget the hours spent analyzing data. We analyze the chatbot output in real time and you can instantly see where you stand in the report. You'll be able to work with the results at a company-wide, branch, team, and individual level. Independently, without expensive consultants and lengthy training.
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STEP 3: Recommendations

Start making changes based on our recommendations

It's like having a company psychologist on your computer available 24/7. In addition to the data, you will also find practical recommendations based on the findings of behavioral science.

You'll receive straightforward tips for improvement that are applicable specifically to a particular member of a team.
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Average Well-being Index score in Q1 2023 is 8.2.

What is Well-being Index score for your company?

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We measure 12 areas of satisfaction

Behavera's Well-being methodology is based on research into work practices and defines 12 factors of satisfaction.

When neglected, they can gradually lead to demotivation, a decline in performance, burnout syndrome, and a job search elsewhere.

We can point the finger at the biggest issues in your company and advise on steps to improve quickly. For the green areas that just need ongoing monitoring, we can help you with prevention.
Overall happiness
Tools & support
Role alignment
15 minutes
36 questions

No boring questionnaires!

We make well-being surveys more human and enjoyable. A conversation with a chatbot is like a discussion with a colleague on Slack.

In 15 minutes, you answer 36 questions that focus on different areas of work satisfaction. Everything in broswer, no need to download or install anything.
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Who will benefit most from the Behavera Well-being Index

Team Manager

Is your team happy? Find out what your people need and what changes you can make to retain them.

HR Professional

Why do some teams work great and other people quit? Identify where problems arise and prevent burnout or attrition early.

CEO & C-level

Need to increase productivity? Find out how people in your company are doing and how to improve the work environment for more efficient work.


Don't feel good at work but don't know why or how to properly communicate this to your manager? We can help you find out where the problem is and how to address it together.

What about well-being in your company?

Find out where you stand.