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Make competences your ally in digital HR

Whenever the term “competence” is used, a painful grin runs over the face of many HR managers. How could a major HR nightmare become an advantage?

Ako hacknúť kariéru snov: Behavera odhalia tvoje silné stránky

Novinkou na trhu medzi online testy je Behavera. Využíva online simulačné hry, v ktorých sa hráč ocitá v interaktívnom pracovnom prostredí, je súčasťou príbehu a rieši reálne pracovné situácie. Celá je postavená na tzv. behaviorálnej psychológii.

The Culture Fit factor: Get to know your people soon enough

Companies are increasingly becoming the mirror of their very own people. They came to the fact that in order to attract and motivate people a successful company needs to have an enticing character that is also reflected in its culture.

Gamification: Playing It For Real. Playing with data. Getting better

Using game principles in non-game contexts - gamification - is becoming a conversation topic and even a point on a meeting agenda these days. With all that discussion we should be quite sure about the ways that “serious games” can help us. But are we?

8 questions to answer before you power up your HR with Behavera

We collected top 8 questions that most recruiters think of before they dive into behavioral data in our Talent Decision Cloud. Here come the answers.

[Case study] How Rockaway increased hires by 166%

A simulation game in the hands of an innovator. How Rockaway shortened screening by 30 minutes per candidate and increased the number of hires by 166 %.

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