Behavera Well-being Index: modern happiness survey and practical recommendations all in one

What if there was a tool that could do the research for you, analyze the data and recommend how to improve well-being in your company? Forget boring surveys and hours spent evaluating the results. With the Well-being Index, you can focus on taking care of your people and keeping them happy at work.
Lenka Šilhánová
Dec 20, 2022
2 mins

Chatbot instead of a boring survey

Surveys are great to start with because it's a free solution. Most companies that have already started to address well-being have reached for custom surveys as a first solution. However, creating surveys is not without its hidden costs.

Putting together a good survey with good questions is quite a challenge. It can take hours of time to create, plus sending the survey out to employees, follow-up comments, and finally, the time-consuming analysis of the results in spreadsheets. Without blinking an eye, you've burned dozens of man-hours on just one survey.

The other problem with surveys is... they're boring. Answering the questions is a passive activity that gets old very quickly. Companies often find that after just a few surveys are sent out, the completion rate drops rapidly. The effort expended is then not a return on investment.

The solution? A chatbot with which the employee has an active conversation similar to a discussion on Slack or another messenger. It's a modern way to humanize surveys and make them more fun.

A quick conversation with our chatbot Echo will give the respondent the opportunity to rate their current motivation and happiness. Completely online, also available on mobile. No need to download the app or learn how to use it. It couldn't be simpler.

Chatbot ECHO

Personalized insights with science-based recommendations

Well-being Index is like having a data analyst and a behavioral psychologist inside a computer evaluating the results in real-time. The ECHO chatbot asks respondents questions tailored by our science team and in the background maps the top 12 factors behind the risk of burnout, loss of engagement, reduced productivity, or risk of quitting.

Team leaders and HR professionals then have access to a report where the data collected are analyzed and accompanied by practical recommendations based on behavioral science. All in real-time, without having to pay extra for expensive consultations or attend lengthy training programs.

In the report, you will find the overall Well-being Score for the company, the TOP 3 risk factors, and profiles of individuals, teams, and branches. This allows you to make better decisions and prioritize changes.

Přehled rizikových faktorů.
Praktická doporučení od behaviorálních psychologů.

I want to try the Well-being Index! What do I need to do to get it?

Managers, team leaders, and HR professionals can sign up here, and then it's just a few steps away:

  1. Let your people know that you'd like to start monitoring the level of well-being in the company to find out what's on their minds so you can create a better environment. Focus on creating a sense of safety. When employees know that the results will not be used against them, but to improve their well-being, they will take a more positive approach to the research. We recommend making participation voluntary; well-being is a sensitive topic for some people and they should not be pressured to participate.

  2. When you collect the results, share them with everyone, along with plans for improvement. Transparency and openness help build trust. Open the floor to questions and suggestions. Involve volunteers in the change process. Then share the progress of changes, including successes and failures. Effort is more valuable than perfect results.

  3. Don't forget to repeat the survey. We recommend having employees chat with our ECHO chatbot at least once a quarter. You will then be able to track how your well-being score is evolving over time and therefore how the changes you have put in place are working.

Do you have any questions about the Behavera Well-being Index? Email us at and we'll be happy to help.

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