Who has the potential to become a leader?

Assessment as a simulation game that measures the competencies, problem-solving approach, skills, and abilities of a transformational leader.

High turnover

40% of employees are dissatisfied at work and are considering leaving. One of the main reasons is the lack of growth opportunities.

Bad leadership

50% of people leave because of their boss. Poor leadership costs companies millions of dollars a year. Investing in leadership development is one of the solutions.

Untapped potential

56% of people feel that they don't reach their potential at work and start looking for greater challenges in other companies.

Blindly without data

90% of companies don't have the data to support organizational transformation for the future of work. Leaders work with experience and intuition, not data.
STEP 1: Measure

Invite your people to the simulation game

Let your employees discover their work style without feeling like being tested. The Game Changer simulation draws them into the action and the 45 minutes fly by. The story of their first day on the job awaits them as a new company manager, where they'll face several challenges. As they tackle the challenges, an algorithm will discreetly analyze how they're doing in the background and each skill will be tested at several points in the game.
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STEP 2: Interpretation

Find the potential for leadership

Every person is unique. We will measure 24 areas of leadership factors that will help you understand when a certain approach and tendency may come in handy. And conversely, in what context it can hold them back. You will know what to expect from your people in different situations and who is best suited to deal with them.
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STEP 3: Recommendations

Develop strengths and weaknesses

Discovering the potential is just the beginning. We'll give you practical recommendations on how to better develop your people. How to amplify their strengths? How to improve their weaknesses? Our team of behavioral psychologists have thought of everything. On each person's profile, you'll find development tips to help both sides thrive.
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Find out who the leaders are in your company and how you can develop their potential.

What are your leader's superpowers?

Behavera is completely free for the first 10 employees.

How can the game measure competencies?

The Game Changer simulation puts you in specially designed—yet common—work situations, giving you different tools to deal with them, whether it's choosing verbal responses, different ways to resolve an argument, or prioritizing. Directly from practical behavior, it will assess the individual's management style and strategies for solving problems and meeting goals. He then explains these in human language using the 24 areas measured.
People management
Authoritative behavior
Work efficiency
and 11 more
45 minutes
24 measured parameters
Simulation game

What to expect from The Game Changer

The game evaluates the way people approach solving different problems. It does not evaluate their personality or knowledge. There are no right answers or perfect outcomes. Employees need no preparation, just their computer and 45 minutes of quiet time to play.
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Who will get the most out of The Game Changer

Team Manager

What kind of leader are you? Find out where you are strong and what you can focus on in your development plan.

HR Professional

Identify future leaders and create space for them to develop their skills. Reduce employee turnover with the right opportunities for growth.

CEO & C-level

Discover what kind of leaders you have in your company and if they are aligned with your company values and KPIs.


Do you have the potential to become a leader? Start a new chapter in your career and focus on developing your strengths.

What are the leaders in your company?

Play the simulation game and see where you stand.