Case study
Result in:
21 days

Build your own talent pool in 1 month


The client needed a new, long-term talent acquisition strategy to benchmark their employees and teams. The goal was clear, to use existing data to quickly assess a candidate's suitability for any of the many open positions.


The Talent Pool is one of Behavera's features where we created a page directly for the client with open positions, inspirational content about the company and other information. We promoted the link to the page through social media and gave people the opportunity to play our simulation games. This allowed people to join the talent pool, see what positions they thought they'd be a good fit for, and see what kind of company they'd fit into culturally based on the results. They had the option to simply apply for the positions or start following the companies' content or coming to their events. We shared the talent pool with recruiting teams who could search the database and reach out to suitable candidates.


167 new profiles with great potential in the talent pool in the first 7 days of social media promotion. New profiles are added every day and the pool has grown by 2,500 people.

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