HR Conferences 2023: an overview of international online events

Would you like to go abroad for inspiration, but you don't have the cash for a big trip right now? No worries, a number of international conferences offer the option of virtual attendance in Europe-friendly times, and some are even free of charge. Choose from our list, get your notepads ready, and enjoy the talks and discussions from the comfort of your home.

HR Conferences 2023: overview of the best events in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Where to go this year to get educated and inspired? We've put together a list of top events for HR professionals, leaders, and technology enthusiasts. The topics of this year's conferences are really diverse, so we believe everyone will find their favorites.

Busting 6 myths about well-being in companies

Well-being has literally flooded the Internet this year, and this has not been without the spread of myths. Let's shine a light on some of the most widely spread myths between the doors of offices and workplaces. Whether it's the popularity of anonymous surveys, doing surveys only once a year, addressing well-being too late, the popularity of DIY solutions, sticking your head in the sand before addressing well-being, or pigeonholing well-being for everyone. Do you recognize any of these vices? Then you will find this article useful.

Inspiring TED Talks for HR professionals and leaders

Want to brighten up your day with a cup of inspiration? We have selected the best ideas worth spreading from speakers in the field of human resources and leadership. Get your pencil and notebook ready and open your mind, because the ideas will be pouring right in.