The Well-being of Leaders at Risk: How to Take Care of Yourself and Become a Better Role Model

In challenging times, we rely on our leaders as a lighthouse in the storm. What if they too run out of strength and their light goes out? This is what happens in many companies and it's time to make the well-being of leaders a priority. Are we ready for it and what pitfalls stand in our way? Let's shed some light on this.

Behavera Well-being Index: modern happiness survey and practical recommendations all in one

What if there was a tool that could do the research for you, analyze the data and recommend how to improve well-being in your company? Forget boring surveys and hours spent evaluating the results. With the Well-being Index, you can focus on taking care of your people and keeping them happy at work.

How to measure employee satisfaction and prevent burnout?

Employee retention is one of the top priorities for HR professionals[1] who struggle with turnover and a lack of quality candidates in the market. Up to 49%[2] of employees are at risk of burnout and companies may lose them. Find out how you can prevent burnout early and keep them in your company with the new Behavera Well-being Index.

Are you dealing with well-being effectively?

Despite 96%[1] of companies worldwide providing their employees with more resources to improve their mental health, only 1 in 6 people feel truly supported by their employer. How can companies make the right investments in well-being and create an environment where people feel good at work?