Rediscover your team like never before.

Measure, name, and quantify the strengths of your team.

The priceless insights into your team's DNA that will help you run your team better, do more, achieve more, faster. 


What does Scotty do when asked by captain Kirk, "There is an asteroid field ahead. After the last battle, we have damages. Can we make it through?" Scotty will look into the data and run the ship diagnostics. Then he will reply: Yes, we can make it, if ... and when we avoid  ... and watching out for .... Then we can make it. 

Imagine you being the Scotty and your team being the ship. And the question would be: can we be more efficient in sales? Will this change make us more productive? What would you change in the team operations if you could? Are there any aspiring talents we can look at for more responsibilities?  What sort of people you need in your team?


What data from what diagnostic will you use? What dashboard do you look at? Which metrics will indicate, if your team is doing fine, if they are working at their best, feel empowered, and doing the right job the right way or if there is a room to do things better? 

That's when Behavera come into play. 


Behavera will quantify that "something special" about your team and turn it into tangible actions, recommendations, and advice.

What you and your team get?

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Where you stand where you are going

How your team see your micro work culture. Is your vision real?

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Understand "how" people work

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Work-culture drivers

What your folks need in terms of motivation, leadership and rewards

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How they can multiply the 

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Score your happiness and loyalty.

Tackle the threats of unwanted attrition, see what bugs your team and what to do about it.

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Týmový benchmark, statistiky & data 

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Team Booster

by Behavera

Your analytical brain that helps you work with your team by understanding their work-related personalities, needs, and potential like never before. 


Full onboarding and set up

Team assessments & analysis

(up to 20 people)

+ Team culture perception and vision

+ Needs, motivation, manage and reward

+ Satisfaction and loyalty score

+ Competencies in independent work 

+ Leadership and teamwork competencies

Final debriefing workshop

Dedicated Account Manager

Behavera dashboard for a year

25 000 Kč

Časově mezená nabídka se slevou 50 %. Cena je bez DPH. DPH bude připočítána.

Rezervovat nyní



One-on-one 45 minutes individual online session with each team-memeber lead by an I/O psychologist and people development experts

+ 25 000 Kč


Use what you learn about the team in predicitve hiring. Tools, assessments and your benchmark at your service to spot the right fit.

+ 25 000 Kč


We are ready to get your back even more. From customizing reports, mapping competencies, deep diving into data or people development designs.

Contact us

All it takes:

We get you. These projects are usually boring, take a lot of extra time (which you would otherwise use to be productive). Team booster only takes about 10 % of the time and the money usually associated with



onboarding session for the manager 



team briefing session




per a team member on assessments


*depending on the workpace, could be less but usualy wont exceed 120 minutes.



for the manager for debriefing workshop

We simply see doing it the old way as a massive pain

We didn't reinvent the wheel. We just brought together the best from the worlds of organizational psychology and the technology that makes people better understand people. Less lyrical and mystic. More practical and epic. 

Wondering why the majority of engagement initiatives, cultural pivots, and upskilling programs in companies are so painful and bring little to no impact? They lack the right data and are done from the drawing boards rather from knowing and effectively leveraging the existing potential. 

Here are that main culprits:


Poor design  

Poor design questionnaires are great for planning a filed trip, not for steering the wheel of a xxxxdollar organisation


Pricey = better​

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Time demanding


Let's start a project

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The expertise

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Let's wait for the results to come

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The results are limited in terms of use

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World class assessment methdology


Unique experience


Minimu time for maximum insights


You have the experts available 


Results available instantly backed up by data


Just swith couple of buttons and instantly see the recommendations for the new context.

A common myth says we cannot quantify human psýché. That there is this something mystical going on when working with people and only dedicated few have the superpowers and super opinions.​

Wrong. There are aspects of human work-related behavior, attitudes and abilities and even values, that can be quantified. And not only quantified but translated into how to best utilize it. And, wait for it, this information should be shared back with the people so they can work with this information. Knowingly. Critically. With an open mind. And that's what we stand for with our philosophy. 


You can have insights without hiring your traditional consultant. 

World class assessment methodology

Uniqe experience 

Maximum insight for minimum time

Quantified - There will always be a proof why Behavera is recommending or reporting 

Lightweight for actionable use. Robust for deep dives. 

The now shapes the future. Your team is the benchmark for your future hires. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I pay?

We will invoice 

Is it all automatic? 

Part is automatic and the results are reviewed by an I/O psychology, psychometrics and learning&development specialist. 
There will a your dedicated account manager who will guide you trough the process. 

What are the assessments?

At Behavera we use behavioral, perferential a perceptual assessments to create a plastic view of how people (tend to) act, what they like and how they see things around them. We are combining the best practice and high reliability of assessment centers with lightweight yet powerful bot-executed questonnaires designed by psychometrics experts.  

Can I try before buy? 

Sure, you can start for free using your culture vision and your teams view points for free. 

What time-frame is recommended?

With highly motivated teams, all can be done in one week. But you can go at your own pace. 

Is it science-backed or is it secret? 

Nope - It is just random. ... Kidding! Of course, all Behavera assessments follow the top best practice in assessment design, validation, reliability requirements, and methodological background. We would not taint your data with bad inputs. On the contrary, you will be getting high-quality and unique insights you most likely are not gonna get elsewhere. 

What about my data?

We do not see the names or e-mails of people in your team.  We can only see a unique string per each user.

How does the predicitive hiring part work? 

As the saying: you cannot manage what you cannot measure" goes by knowing singnificant features of your team's soft makup, you can easily measure and compare job candidates using Behavera platform match them to your team. 

What does it mean it's non-invasive?

It means we will not be tapping your people's mails, to-do lists or calendars. We are not into Big Brother show. We will not be hacking your peoples brain. 

Instead we use approaches as simulated exercise, work-samples, ability tests and preferential choices in an digital online environments. It is like your people visiting our digital assessment center.