We are removing guesswork from the talent management game.

Turning into minutes what used to take months, bringing clarity of data driven approach where emotions might obscure judgement and providing evidence in situations where people had to rely on their intuition only.

We help companies and talents understand each other and work together better.

Meet Behavera team

Lukáš Macenauer
Co-founder & Customer Engagement
Igor Kubíček
Co-founder & CEO
Michal Zach
Customer Success Storyteller
Dušan Švancara
Ksenia Hapitsonová
Customer Success Representative
Ondřej Holub
Art Director
Jan Kuba
Chief Science Officer
Marie Součková
I/O Psychologist
Peter Kmoško
Chief Strategist
Miloš Lukačka
Chief Business Development
Digital Recruiter

Making the daily grind work for us

We are pros in remote teamwork, but still, meeting in person is important for us to keep it real. We have two all-team "stand-up meetings" every week in our office in the heart of Prague.

And it wouldn’t be a stand-up without jokes. Know this one? An HR manager, nihilistic philosopher and the God come into the bar...

Keeping all those balls in the air

Even when we rest we want to stay in the game. So we like to play. And we are crushing it. In fact, we play in our conference room. Our table there has two important functions. Not only does it serve us for the meetings, it also keeps us together.

Staying one jump ahead 

We are used to changing our gears constantly. One week sprints, daily iterations, agile management and development, sometimes a pivot, too. All just to stay ahead.

We are hiring

Looking for a meaningful job in which you can still see the difference you make?

Be part of what we do.