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Are your people at risk of burnout?

Half of your employees can be threatened by burnout. Quiet quitting, low productivity, and eventually leaving the company are current challenges for many companies.

How can you prevent these issues?

Behavera Well-being Index can help you find out why your employees are unhappy, how to prevent burnout, and how to retain them. 

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Well-being Index of individuals, teams, and the whole company
TOP 3 risk factors and actionable recommendations
Comprehensive profiles of every employee

How does the Behavera Well-being Index work?

Behavera Assessement Echo

step 1

Chatbot instead of a boring survey

It can't get easier than this!

A quick conversation with our Echo chatbot will allow the respondent the opportunity to rate their current motivation and satisfaction. Completely online, also available on mobile. No need to download the app or learn how to use it.

step 2

Backed by science

The Well-being Index maps up to 12 of the most significant factors behind the risk of burnout, loss of engagement, reduced productivity, or risk of leaving.

A practical tool from behavioral psychologists and HR experts that measures key aspects of organizational culture.

step 3

Personalized report with recommendations 

Behavera evaluates the data and gives you practical recommendations on what to do with it. 

Without expensive consultants or extensive training. 

20+ people-first companies already using Behavera

Put Well-being on the top
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