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Behavara People Platform Insights
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HR challenges Behavera helps to solve

Why do people quit
Why are your people quitting?
Find out if your employees are unhappy and thinking of quitting before they hand in the notice.
Managerial competency Individuality
Which candidate will fit your culture the best?
Learn what work environment candidates would prefer and whether they are a good fit for you.
Which employee is most at risk of burnout?
Manage the risk of losing your top performers and take actionable steps.

How Behavera works?

Simulacni hra Behavera The Office Day

step 1

Assessments as a simulation game

Finally, assessments that are fun for both candidates and employees! Entertaining, discreet, and safe solution that examines behavior patterns and work preferences.

step 2

Discover people's potential

Behavera simulates real work tasks. That's how it can identify competencies to perform in virtually any position. Work behavior tells you more than a CV.

“Why work behavior? Just like you first audition musicians before hiring them, you can let candidates show you what they are capable of. Behavera shows you their true potential.”
Mgr. Ing. Jan Kuba -  Chief of Science

step 3

Understandable recommendations based on data

Behavera evaluates all the data and gives you actionable recommendations. No need for expensive consultants and time-consuming training.

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What HR initiatives can Behavera help solve?

  • Employee retention
  • Candidate qualification
  • Personalized development needs analysis
  • Team or candidate culture fit
  • Relationship between competencies and KPIs
  • Internal talent pool academy
  • Culture audit and gap analysis
  • Team restructuring
  • Employee engagement
  • Skill gap discovery
  • Teams comparison across regions
  • Leadership academy

Who is working better with people's potential thanks to Behavera?

Recruiters & Headhunters
People-first Leaders & Managers
CEO & C-level Executives
HR Professionals

What people-first leaders say about Behavera

Thanks to Behavera's Culture Fit tool, we are able to better evaluate how we operate and evolve our company culture in a measurable way.

That is a priceless result.
Nina Juríková - HR consultant, Poštová banka / 365.bank
We will definitely use Behavera long-term. The tool shows us what kind of people – in terms of competencies – we tend to hire. It will be easier to see patterns in what kind of competency combinations our managers prefer and we'll be able to track how successful new hires are over time.
Eva Krausová -  HR 2.0, Rockaway
We received outputs in a fun way, without the need to stress our employees by having to go through the lengthy process of assessment centers, where they'd be placed in uncomfortable roles. Some of our employees have been with us for many years, so they especially appreciated such an innovative approach.
Radoslav Volný - Head of Online Transformation, O2 Slovakia

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