The Culture Fit factor: Get to know your people soon enough

Companies are increasingly becoming the mirror of their very own people. They came to the fact that in order to attract and motivate people a successful company needs to have an enticing character that is also reflected in its culture.

In the relationship between a modern company and its employees, the need for cooperative, synergic attitude is tackled with a strong emphasis on the notion of so called "culture fit". While this term is often used in the sense of a correct fit of a newcomer into a corporate culture, we believe it is useful to look at the other side of the story.

The story is: How does the company fit into the life and values ​​of a new employee

You cannot just "install" your key values ​​on the people. Similarly, it is impossible to simply "set up" corporate values ​​on which your culture will stand. As Jim Collins has rightly stated: You must always find your values inside yourself and your business.

Values ​​are not what your people will borrow or buy from you. Your people need to possess predispositions to adopt these values just like you. Therefore, companies and people in them should shape and build a culture together - one that is both self-reliant and based on shared key values.

Do not look for ways how to teach people to accept and share your values 

Learn how to attract those who will promote them naturally themselves and at the same time bring something fresh into the mix. Then create your team from them. Look for people who will "fit" your culture and the job-position at the same time.

You will not have to push and supervise those who enjoy and see the meaning in working for you since they fulfill the company values as well as their own in doing so. You will be able to put your trust in them faster and easier and they will pay you back with loyalty and performance.

Always keep a place for chaos in your order to let new ideas come.
Michal Zach, author of the article

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