8 questions to answer before you power up your HR with Behavera

All you need to know about simulation games and the Talent Decision Cloud

We collected top 8 questions that most recruiters think of before they dive into behavioral data in our Talent Decision Cloud. Here come the answers.

1. What is so special about Behavera?

Behavera uses simulation games to assess people's competences. Traditional questionnaires and tests leave you to hope for sincerity and sufficient self-reflection of the participant, since subjective self-evaluations are all what you get.

On the contrary, simulation provides you with behavioral data based on the measurement of participant's decisions and actions in real work situations within the simulation game.

Speaking in numbers, the validity and reliability of questionnaire data is estimated to be around 20-30%.

Behavioral data range between 60-80% and their quality continues to grow. Behavera measures and evaluates approximately 200 parameters during the simulation in real time.


When you add

  • fun experience for the participant,
  • immediate automatic evaluation of results,
  • brief and informative profiles,
  • and possibility of prioritising measured competencies

you will be quite clear why it's about time to leave Hogan, Thomas and other similar solutions of the past.

2. How does Behavera fit in my HR world?

Behavera is ready to help you tackle a whole range of challenges as they appear in different stages of the employee lifecycle - from the hiring process to employee development.

  • Do you want to make the applicant journey more attractive?
  • Do you hesitate who to promote?
  • Do you wonder what training your employees really need?
  • Do you simply want to have reliable data at hand when selecting and developing your staff?

Behavera Talent Decision Cloud can help you with all of that.

Plus it is really simple! It takes only 2 minutes from your first log-in to sending out simulation links and the decision grid with interpretations helps you to spot talent and make qualified and valid decisions in seconds.

Talent Decision Cloud

An analytic tool by the Behavera company allows HR workers to objectively identify work competencies of job candidates and employees, monitor their success rate using specific tasks and collect statistic information for the whole recruitment process (screening, assessment, development). The tool uses a psychometric algorithm and simulation games to collect the key behavioral data for its diagnostics and reports.

3. What job-roles can be tested by simulation games?

The simulation measures competences. Therefore it's up to you to decide, which roles require which competences and with what weight. And if you're not sure about it, you can always choose from our preset profiles for various roles or ask us for help.

The currently available simulation The Office Day can be used for a vast majority of so-called “whitecollar” positions, up to the level of junior managers.

It works as your second pair of eyes whenever you want to learn how 

  • effectively an applicant can communicate,
  • work with information,
  • interact with customers,
  • work with their colleagues,
  • and much more.

4. What can the simulation measure?

The Office Day simulation measures:

  • working with information
  • numeracy 
  • problem solving
  • effective communication
  • customer orientation
  • self-reflection
  • integrity

Simulation also informs you on the participants’ work pace, stylisation and independency.

You can also customise the way Behavera measures by adding weights for the competences. And if you happen to have a different competency model, get in touch with us and we will find a way to match your model with our simulation assessment.

5. How long does a simulation usually take?

That is individual depending on each person’s attitude. Usually, finishing the simulation takes between 20-60 minutes with 30 minutes on average.

6. What does the HR manager get?

HR managers get a full Talent Decision Cloud at their disposal - a friendly and powerful dashboard where they can conveniently handle the data.

Within the free account you get up to 3 complete profiles available for free and all the basic features such as filtering, benchmarking or status assignment. As a part of the premium account, you also get access to all the submitted profiles, the Competence Balance tool, and the display of data on interactive charts.

7. What’s in it for the participant?

An engaging and fun game to show off, accessible anywhere and anytime. They also get an overview of their own skills and competences, namely the strongest and the weakest one as a suggestion for improvement. The full profile is shown only to the client.


Our gathered feedback shows, that:

  • 91% of users prefer simulations to questionnaires 
  • 80% of users felt the content of simulation corresponded to life at a real job

So don't scare applicants off with tests, attract them with a game.

8. What’s in it for the company?

Did you know?: 

  • average cost of hire is 4000 USD
  • average time to hire is more than 42 days 

We find that extremely costly and long. If you find it so as well, let us convince you, that involving Behavera in your recruitment process can make it not only shorter and cheaper, but also allows you to make the discussion between the company leadership and HR department number and fact based.

Keep a place for chaos in your order to let new ideas come.
Michal Zach, author of the article

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